Technological Research and Development

The company has advanced automatic bearing production lines and various precision testing equipment. Supporting industries such as intelligent equipment, drones, robots, machine tools, reducers, motors, etc., to provide you with products and services that are reasonably priced, close to the quality and reach international standards.

Quality is the life of an enterprise, and the strict quality requirements of the upper shaft are the foundation of customer trust. In order to ensure quality standards, we have complete product technical testing equipment in the facilities, mainly including German OBLF spectroscopy, Maer high-precision cylindricity meter, Taylor rough profile meter, Maer length tester, hardness tester, German YXLON industrial CT, friction Grinding test machine. This also improves the overall core competitiveness of the company.

The company's manufacturing workshop is well-equipped, the environment is clean and tidy, and the employees are managed in strict accordance with the standard system. Scientifically and comprehensively control every link of production, guarantee product quality while efficiently producing, and provide high-quality products to customers.

Have a complete and high-performance laboratory

Bearing life test roomMechanical performance laboratoryBearing oil quality analysis roomMeasuring roomPrecision test roomPhysical and Chemical Analysis Room